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Who we are :

Founder Team

Yves Daoust
Yves Daoust
Composer and inventor of the Fonofone application.

Yves Daoust is a composer and the inventor of the Fonofone application.

A trainee time at the International Institute of Electroacoustic Music in Bourges, he developed his own electroacoustic approach and composed many works, including a number of commissions from the Institute.

After working as a sound designer at the NFB and teaching at the Montreal Conservatory where he developed a course in electroacoustic composition, he devoted himself fully to the creation of his instrument, Fonofone™, having the transmission of knowledge at heart.

In 2009, Yves Daoust received the “Prix Serge-Garant (Émile-Nelligan Foundation)” for all of his work.

Alexandre Burton
Alexandre Burton
Digital luthier, co-creator of the fonofone app

Artist and digital luthier, Alexandre Burton looks at technology to find new possibilities.

Minimal and refined, his work focuses on writing and organizing the relationships between different modes of expression.

His works are regularly presented in international events of digital art and music.

Beyond his activities within the artificial group, he collaborates with various entities as artistic director as well as adviser in technological integration.

Félix Boisvert
Félix Boisvert
Teacher and developer

Félix Boisvert trained in composition at the Montreal Conservatory of Music (master's degree in 2005). He distinguished himself in turn as a musician, composer, sound designer, puppeteer and teacher. As a multidisciplinary artist (puppet theatre, music, technological arts and dance), he designed the shows Concerto au sol (2014), Lune et l’autre (2009), Pas à pas (2006), Manu danse (2005).

He collaborates with many artists and companies from the worlds of music, circus, puppet theatre, cinema and dance, including Kid Koala (Satellite, Nufonia must fall live), Anthony Venisse (Le concierge), Festival Montreal completely circus, The seven fingers of the hand (Patinoire), Nicolas Cantin, Sandy Silva, Mathieu Roy (Territories exhibition of the museum of civilization of Quebec), Karina Bleau (Sacred sugar and Haïku of the last breath), Antonin Monmart (Un ange passe), Guillaume Saladin (Artcirq).

Pierre-Marc Beaudoin
Pierre-Marc Beaudoin
Teaches music technology

Animated for a long time by creation, it was at the Cégep de Saint-Laurent, with Michel Tétreault, then at the Conservatoire de musique de Montréal, in the classes of Yves Daoust and Gilles Gobeil, that Pierre-Marc Beaudoin approached music. electro-acoustic.

He also demonstrates an interest in interactivity and video, elements that he associates with various artistic and technological contexts (theater, dance, installations, Vj/Dj).

In 2007, 2008 and 2009, he won prizes at the Socan Foundation's Young Composers Competition. He was also part of the official selection at the International Competitions of Bourges, electroacoustic music, 2009 edition. It is not surprising that his work has been selected by recognized artists, because his expressive force seems quite naturally to echo the stage world.

Pierre-Marc has been teaching music technology at Cégep de Saint-Laurent since 2009.

Executive Team

Benoît Coté
COSIMU's Chief Executive

First trained in composition, Benoît Côté has a doctorate in music.

Versatile artist, he evolves in the literary, theatrical and musical world. He has published three novels, all acclaimed by critics and the public, as well as a finalist essay for the Governor General of Canada’s Literary Awards in 2017.

In theater and dance, he has composed numerous stage music heard here and abroad, getting on stage himself as a musician actor, notably in the documentary theater play “Run de lait”, which was a great success across Quebec.

Also a teacher, Benoît is very active in cultural mediation and directs Cosimu, an organization whose mission is to develop innovative digital resources focused on the development of creativity.

Paolo Sangaré Mermin
Content Development & Graphic Design

Performer, director and videographer, he was first trained in dramatic art and then graduated in classical singing. Paolo is committed to making art accessible.

He is the artistic director of the Opéra Théâtre du Miroir company, fighting for better representation of minorities in classical music.

Anne Claire Raineri

Anne-Claire Raineri was introduced to classical, contemporary and flamenco dance from a young age. She then began studying dance and then quickly followed up with a career as a classical dancer in the ballet corps at the Opera Garnier in Paris, France. At the same time, she undertook studies in harpsichord and Italian polyphonic singing at the school of Giovanna Marini in Italy, and later, in Lyric singing at the Conservatory in France, London and Montreal. She perfected her post-doctoral studies at the Center Nationale d'Insertion Professionnelle des Artistes Lyriques in Marseille, France and participated in many opera recitals and productions around the world.

She has received several international awards and gold medals throughout her career.

Anne-Claire is also a primary school music, drama and Spanish teacher. She works at the Center Académique de Lanaudière in Repentigny.

Associated Artists

Anne-Isabelle Léonard
Interdisciplinary Artist

Interdisciplinary artist and workshop facilitator, passionate about community development and the outdoors, Anne Isabelle draws her inspiration from everyday interactions and her great love for nature. Seeing art and the environment as complementary sources of education to that of school, Leonardo dedicated his practice to bridging the gap between the human and more-than-human worlds. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Concordia University (2015) and has classical training in Celtic harp from the Académie de Musique du Québec.

Her practice, taking the form of a poetic archeology of the body and its consciousness, examines human fragility — its impact and consequences on its environments — with a particular interest in the tensions between instincts and rational thoughts, between intentions and reactions. . Her quest for meaning takes several forms of expression such as performance art, installation, social art (workshops, communities and collectives), drawing and painting, sound composition, sculpture as well as photography. and the video. His artistic and curatorial work has been exhibited on three continents.

In addition to his personal artistic practice, Leonardo builds communities of free expression. She founded Danser dans l'Noir dance events in 2017 and is the co-founder of the pan-Canadian organization Outdoor Artist Collective, which aims to redefine the role of creativity through community engagement and environmental advocacy. 'environment.

Véronique Girard
Visual & Sound Artist

Véronique Girard is a visual and sound artist, mediator and vocalist based at Tiohtià:ke/ Montreal. She creates fanciful imagery that seeks to reveal the authenticity of the body and the voice in a magical and assertive way.
Guided by movement, her practice unfolds at the intersection between music, performance and video art. In her projects, she creates environments that offer the possibility of feeling and sharing human vulnerability through listening. The resulting intimacy and sincerity allow us to reflect on our relationship with our imagination and our perceptions.
She tells sound and visual stories of echo and silence in which the imagination of a magical reality offers us a universe full of introspection. The intuitive thinking behind her practice reveals seemingly imperceptible truths that are only visible to us if we take the time to stop and reflect on our own individuality.
By being actively involved in her community, she develops open, sensitive and stimulating environments through various inclusive initiatives. Motivated by the democratization of art, she is involved in educational and mediation projects with various communities and organizations. Her projects have received support from LOJIC, the Association of Canadian Composers, the OICRM, Youth Fusion, the Foundation of Greater Montreal and the Angell Foundation.
A graduate of the digital music program at the University of Montreal, Véronique also holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Concordia University. His work has been presented in several film festivals and concerts, both in Quebec and internationally.

Pedagogical Advisor

Vincent Bouchard Valentine
Professor Department of Music University of Quebec in Montreal

Vincent Bouchard-Valentine is professor of music pedagogy in the Department of Music at the University of Quebec in Montreal. He holds a master's degree and a doctorate in education from this institution. Previously, he taught music in elementary schools in the Commission scolaire de Saint-Hyacinthe. Very involved in the Federation of Associations of Musician Educators of Quebec, he is now the delegate editor of the magazine Musique et pédagogie. For Vincent Bouchard-Valentine, interaction between the university and school environments is essential, whether to validate the initial training of teachers or to contribute to the improvement of practices in the field.

A specialist in the theoretical foundations of school music education, he has also acquired original expertise in sound creation teaching models, in particular with the sound structures of the Baschet brothers and the FonoFone application for iPad by composer Yves Daoust. He continues this approach on an interdisciplinary level within the research team EntreLACer literacy, art and youth culture.

Sound ecology is a transversal theme for Vincent Bouchard-Valentine. For several years, he has been developing an original educational proposal relating to the sound environment based on the work of the Canadian composer R. M. Schafer and falling within the current of environmental music.

Ambassador in France

Christophe Montoya

Christophe Montoya is a consulting and development facilitator. A graduate in cultural research at UQAM, he spent ten years in Quebec.

It supports and develops Cosimu actions in France.

A self-taught musician, he is passionate about creative expression in the field of education. Cultural mediator and trainer, he participated in the development of Fonofone actions when he worked for Jeunesses Musicales Canada.

The Collaborators

Mobile application developer for musical creation and sound exploration
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0/1 – Hub Numérique
Support organization for the digital transformation of the cultural environment.
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DESORMIERS - The Web Agency
Creative Web Agency Webmaster and publicist - Cybersecurity (CISO)
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François Longpré
UX designer
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Sylvain Carette

Board of Directors

François Aubin
Pierre-Marc Beaudoin
Félix Boisvert
Alexandre Burton
Jean-Guy Côté
Yves Daoust
Jeannette Laquerre
Jean-Michel Merlot
Elias Touil

In 2013, electronic music pioneer, composer and pedagogue Yves Daoust founded the non-profit organization COSIMU. In association with Alexandre Burton and a group of pedagogues, multidisciplinary artists and programmers, COSIMU's mission is to deploy innovative resources for young people and the general public focused on the development of creativity. Having realized that this met a crying need, the COSIMU team has been working for nearly ten years to democratize the use of cutting-edge digital and creative tools for as many people as possible, in particular with Fonofone, created expressly for this purpose.

An intuitive approach

The application has been designed to promote an immediate and intuitive relationship with sounds and manipulation techniques: with only a few minutes of free exploration, the user discovers and intuitively grasps each tool and its effect.

Fonofone is also an instrument: thanks to the touch screen, the sound is transformed in real time by acting directly on the shapes that represent the tools of the application.