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fonofone Web version

Creation everywhere,
for everyone

Formerly only available on iPad, fonofone tools are now accessible to everyone. All you need is a web browser and an internet connection. No specific hardware or prior knowledge is required; fonofone is intuitive and as powerful as it is technologically light.

In addition, the web version of fonofone includes a new function that allows you to interact sound and still image that has no equivalent in the current digital world. The fonofone-image is a completely new paradigm of work where areas of sound are attached to various graphic elements so as to give life to a silent image or even visually illustrate musical processes.

New feature

Have images, pictures and sound interact

The fonofone-image interface allows you to interpret a photo, a painting, a drawing using sound. It is possible to explore images with sound, paste them, record sounds and access fonofone processing tools and draw music through visual stimuli.

A New Paradigm

Once the sounds are placed on the image and modified, it is possible to hear them by sliding the cursor or finger with a tablet. Sound areas can be moved, merged, combined endlessly. Graphics, written poems, famous paintings, landscapes can unfold in the sound medium. We get out of the linearity of music and the static aspect of the image.

Create & Share

With the advanced functions of the fonofone image, it is possible to share your creations, to import those of others.

Fonofone Overview
Demo – Inka Kola