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In Between

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Instructions: click on the play button and move the ear on the image using the cursor or finger on a touch screen.

Karine Blanchette & Véronique Girard

Our artistic approach

  • When you think of your first memory, what do you see?
  • What do you hear?
  • Is it the rolling of grains of sand sliding between your toes?
  • The rustling of your bedroom curtains?
  • Or maybe all of these things at once?

In Between is a project that allowed us to explore the completely fragmented universe of memories in a sensory way.

On a visual level, Karine selected photos of travel, objects and significant places before tracing some of them onto sheets of translucent paper. She then made the images dialogue by superimposing them, then tracing, erasing and inventing new designs on the different layers.

In terms of sound, Véronique chose sounds that went well with the emotions she felt while looking at the images, without necessarily being related to the element illustrated. Thus, a door handle can make the sound of waves, and shoes, the song of birds.

Karine BlanchetteKarine Blanchette is a primary plastic arts specialist in the Montreal region.
As part of her professional practice, she is interested in teaching the arts in special purpose schools.

She is currently completing a master's degree in visual and media arts, education profile at UQAM; her research examines the links between precariousness, practice and the conception of education among arts specialists in elementary school.


Véronique Girard

Véronique Girard is a visual and sound artist, mediator and vocalist based in Tiohtià:ke/ Montreal. Guided by movement, her practice unfolds at the intersection between music, performance and video art. Her projects have received support from LOJIC, the Association of Canadian Composers, the OICRM, Youth Fusion, the Foundation of Greater Montreal and the Angell Foundation.

A graduate of the digital music program at the University of Montreal, Véronique also holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Concordia University. His work has been presented in several film festivals and concerts, both in Quebec and internationally.