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To listen

 move the ear over the image to reveal the sounds move the EAR icon over the image to reveal the sounds
 to start or stop all sounds to start or stop all sounds

To modify

 ereas of sound to reveal areas of sound
 slide the ear in each of the areas a sound was laid;
you have to slide the EAR icon over it to hear it
 fonofone tool there is a fonofone tool in every zone
 area shape to change the area shape
 open the fonofone to open the fonofone
 edit or change sound to edit or change sound

Change Sound

ouvrir les banques de sons To open the soundbanks
choisir un son dans les banques ou importer un son to select a sound from the banks or import a sound  
réinitialiser la session to reset the session 
télécharger la session to download the session
-- available under LICENSE --
importer une session to import a session 
-- available under LICENSE --

To save

enregistrer for recording
enregistrer le résultat de la session to save the result of the session
- the sound file will go in your downloads  
enregistrer un son à partir du micro de votre ordinateur/tablette inside fonofone,
to record sound from your computer/tablet microphone  
couper la sélection to cut the selection