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Raw Beauties

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Karina Bleau & Félix Boisvert

icon felix boisvertKarina Bleau is, through her practice, at the heart of the puppetry arts. Rather than activating figurative objects from mechanisms such as wires, rods or sheaths, she activates materials (domestic - water, sugar, light) from the chemical and physical reactions that govern them. Through her practice of "chemical puppetry", she reveals natural phenomena, enters into dialogue in the moment with the material that tells the raw beauties of the world. His research revolves around the notion of movement as a symbol of life.

Distributed in different contexts, she currently invests her practice in a personal project: Phenomenal – a space inhabited by video installations, performances, spatialized and ambiophonic sound treatments, edible arts, shadows and light. Karina Bleau holds a master's degree in theater oriented towards puppetry arts and a DESS in contemporary puppet theater from UQAM.

His work has been presented in Quebec and internationally. In 2019, she won the “Work of the Year – CALQ” prize for her region.

Félix Boisvert trained in composition at the Montreal Conservatory of Music (graduating with a master's degree in 2005). He has worked as an interdisciplinary artist (music, technological arts, puppetry and dance). He distinguished himself in turn as a performer, teacher, composer and sound designer. His approach is based on a desire to express music in an artistic form that is not limited to the domain of sounds.

He collaborates with many artists and companies such as Kid Koala, Anthony Venisse, The 7 fingers of the hand, Machine de cirque, Sandy Silva, Guillaume Saladin.

He co-directs a space for research and experimentation designed to deepen approaches in interdisciplinary arts.

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